First by Christianity.

Born Again is a Christian concept. Various 'spiritual' experiences are described by other religions but the term Born Again, as used by Jesus Christ in John chapter 3, is within a Christian context and assumes various truths.

Theologians have written volumes on this subject but for most people it is specifically a personal subjective eperience.  For that reason it has as many definitions as there are people.

1.     The Bible says there is a spiritual reality and a physical reality.

2.       God is Spirit (spiritual matter) and He created the physical (physical matter).  

3.     Man (Adam) was created (from physical matter) and God breathed his life (spiritual matter) into him.  

4.     Because of the Fall that spiritual part of mankind was forever dead (separated from God).

5.     Jesus' incarnation, life, atoning death and resurrection restored the conditions whereby that separation could be healed.

6.     You are born again when God once more breathes His Spirit into you and your spirit is regenerated (reborn) restoring the direct eternal relationship with God.

7.     You cannot make this happen.  It is a sovereign act of God. It does not depend on your actions, men:s traditions or religious formulas.

8.      You are now in the world but not of it. When you abandon the world and its systems and trust in God,  He is able to meet all your needs (healings, provision, guidance) according to His supernatural will.

9.       Being completely surrendered to Him means that he is able to work his will and purposes through you.  You will then be leading an authentic Christian life

Born Again - A definition.

Parallels in science.


Scientists have written volumes on this subject but for most people it is still a matter of theory and conjecture.  For that reason it has as many definitions as there are scientists in that field, particularly in the field of quantum mechnics.

1. Theoretically, at the quantum level, there are a multitude of physical realities other than the one we are experiencing.

2. There are an increasing number of scientists who are, albeit reluctantly, coming to accept that there must be intelligent design .

3.  George Wald (Nobel prizewinning scientist) said, " There are only two possibi;ities (i) A Creator or (ii) Spontaneous generation. Because the first is unacceptable we choose to believe the impossible."

4. At this point science stops and faith begins.