In 14th and 15th century England, followers of John Wycliffe (the Morning Star of the Reformation) were known as either Hedgepriests or Lollards.They believed that power and authority came through a vital relationship with Jesus Christ and not through an organisational hierarchy.


They emphasised the authority of the Scriptures over the authority and traditions of men. They also taught the concept of the "Church of the Saved", meaning that Christ's true Church is the community of regenerated believers.

Their challenge was to return to the authentic Christianity of the New Testament ekklesia.  Much of what the Lollards believed is reflected in the teaching ministry of this site.   The aim is to restore the focus on Jesus and the Bible rather than the traditions of men.

Hello and Welcome.  

My hope is that this site will be a source of information and inspiration for all those seeking to experience and live out the authentic Christiam life.  Authentic in that it focuses on a living and experiential relationship with Jesus Christ rather than on a religious format and the traditions of men. In common with you, I am still on my journey of faith and so I welcome feedback and debate.   Please feel free to email me with your comments and suggestions.

About Maxwell

Max was born in Yorkshire, England. He joined the Royal Navy at the age of 16 and left it at the age of 40. After a year in Saudi Arabia he  immigrated to the USA and became  General Manager of an international marine equipment company.  Success did not bring happiness and it was at this stage that he had a 'Damascus Road' experience and by the grace of a loving God was radically changed and born again.

Back in UK he studied under the aegis of Kingdom Faith Bible College as a prophetic Bible teacher and he later graduated from Christ for The Nations in Dallas Texas.  He then served as a full time missionary in Japan and Poland.

Max has a wide-ranging experience as a Christian evangelist and teacher. He has served on Cursillo movement boards in the USA and UK. He negotiated the first use of Tres Dias movement materials in the UK, primarily to train volunteers for the Kairos prison ministry. He is a past chair of the Kairos Advisory Council for the Cimarron Correctional facility in Oklahoma.

Although he has engaged in numerous front line evangelism outreach programs over the years, particularly into jails and prisons, his main focus is on writing and teaching about authentic Christianity and the way it is lived out. His lifelong interest in history adds an added depth and range to his writing and Biblical teaching.

Powerpoints:   A total of 20  Powerpoint presentations that shed a  light on the Bible, history and the challenges of today's culture.

A: Bible Basics;   B: The Bible and Culture;   C: The Traditions of men;    D: Overcoming the Traditions;   E:The Authentic Life. Ideal for for Individuals and Small Groups.

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Articles that are both informative and challenging. insights and comments on the Christian life and beliefs,  Some of them have previously been published in the Fellowship of Christian Writers Monthly Magazine. Follow this link to Max and Sheila's IntoLife website.

Authentic Christianity:  A Definition.

We can learn from, but cannot live by, the faith of others and so it is up to you to come to your own definition.  That definition results from a framework of beliefs. Here I offer mine:

Small Groups:

Again and again we see in the New Testament the command to 'love one another as He loves you'. Loving requires a relationship and a relationship is only possible through really knowing the other person.  Follow this link to Max and Sheila's IntoLife website.


Max and his wife Sheila are both authors,  They have written books that are both both secular and Christian.  View the Christian books on this site before deciding to buy them,  They are available for purchase on line through Amazon and other on line book stores,

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Hedgepriests:  An explanation.

Maxwell Graham

The Hedgepriest: Spreading the Good News of Authentic Christianity

Authentic Christian Life: Examples of Healings

Examples of the Authentic Life from our personal experiences of healings and guidance from trusting in God and His Word. First hand accounts and real.

Born Again:  A Definition.

Theologians have written volumes on this subject.  Here I present my understanding based on the Bible and what science says about the reality of our existance.

Authentic Christian Life: Examples of Provision  

Examples of the Authentic Life from our personal experiences of provision and guidance from trusting in God and His Word. First hand accounts and real.